Wednesday, December 11, 2013

My Life in Thrill Kill Kult or Why Rednecks Kill

The newlywed thrill-kill couple is completely fascinating to me.

So many questions...

First off they said that they had tried to kill others, but kept failing.

Why didn't any of those people go to police?

And how can you fail?

Killing people has got to be pretty easy to do, right?

They said "We just wanted to kill someone together."

Awwww. So sweet.

Isn't marriage about slowly and gradually killing each other?

Isn't that enough?

How does neither "person" say "Wow. That's fucked up. We would go to jail forEVER if we get caught."?

And they killed him IN THEIR CAR?!

OMG. I've seen The Sopranos and Breaking Bad.

Cleaning up dead bodies and blood is next to impossible.

Surely they had to know this would just completely fuck their vehicle.

They drove immediately to Walmart to buy cleaning supplies.



So that dead dude was out there bleeding all over their car while they are shopping at WALMART!?

Do we need a new

And then, after driving around for a while looking for a place to hide the body, they fucking just dumped the body behind a garage in plain site?!



I seriously need something more than CAPS and !!!!! to describe my shock....

Not so much at the evil...evil I am used to...

But just the amazing levels of stupidity.

I went to school for psychology because human beings fascinate me.

I have read more than 100 books on serial killers along with 1000's of interviews.

Recently someone asked me what I learned from all of that.

I said "I learned that Serial Killers for the most part are just ignorant rednecks who have some stupid thought and instead of going 'Woah, that's fucked up' like you and I do, they say 'Boy that looks like fun.' and then go out and try to do it."

People always bring up the exceptions..Bundy...Dahmer...Manson (NOT a serial killer by the way).

But generally speaking serial killers, or as is the case here, FAILED serial killers are mostly ignorant rednecks and this couple must be the most ignorant of them all.

I find it refreshing that no one in the media is implying the the victim deserved what happened to him, because he was cheating on his wife with a woman he was paying to have sex with him.

Because no one deserves that.

Well....almost no one.

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