Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Karl Marx Was Wrong

Karl Marx said that the poor oppressed workers would rise up and overthrow the wealthy elite and redistribute the wealth.

Karl Marx was wrong.

Right now 400 individuals in America have more wealth than the 150,000,000 poorest Americans.

Those 400 people put their money in offshore accounts so they cannot be taxed.

The blood of dying children is on the hands of the 1% who OWN our government and OUR media and spin lies and propaganda so that YOU will happily play along and give your hard earned money to them.

Karl Marx was wrong.

Karl Marx did not account for Wal Mart's LOW LOW PRICES, nor did he realize that people who call themselves activists would secretly shop there due to convenience.

Marx did not account for a government so powerful that it would spread over the entire world and murder any leader who opposed it and replace them with a figurehead who worked for the United States and that the shadow government would slaughter it's own citizens by the MILLIONS in order to get fat kickbacks from THE UNITED STATES.

Marx did not account for how everyone in America would be taking selfies on smart phones and watching reality TV and playing video games and driving SUVs and drinking beer and being so distracted that they wouldn't even have time to participate in their local government, let alone START A REVOLUTION!!

Marx did not realize that anyone's voice who became loud enough would be murdered by it's own government or have stories about them spun in the press to make other American's hate them as they were carted off to jail or Guantanamo Bay simply for SPEAKING THE TRUTH.

Marx had no way of understanding the power of the NRA to literally OWN OUR GOVERNMENT AND MEDIA and use lies and fear tactics to make sure there were more gun suppliers than there were fast food restaurants.

Karl Marx was wrong.

Because no one in the world would rather face the persecution of it's own government, when there are pictures of kittens and half-naked women to look at.

Karl Marx overestimated the power of the people and underestimated the power of greed and evil.

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