Tuesday, April 8, 2014



Why do men rape?

Why do men murder?

Why do men commit armed robbery?

Why don't women do these things?

More than 90% of violent crimes are committed by men.


Is there something in that single chromosome pair that makes mean angry and violent?

Does testosterone cause all this?

Or is there something else?

Women have always been told to be compliant.

While men have been told to be competitive.

Now, at last, as we move towards a more enlightened culture, women are encouraged to assert themselves and be...and be...what exactly?

We tell women to not be compliant, but after that aren't we telling them to repeat the mistakes that men have made?

Is that really something to aspire to?

What if we taught our men to be less competitive?

What happens to a little boy who doesn't compete?

Not just on the sports field, but in every aspect of life?

To be male is to compete for everything.

Compete for the girl.

Have the best car.

The flaring of nostrils and posturing.

The implied violence towards the weak.

It shapes us from early childhood.

I said to my daughter "You know what I like about females? Even if they are not friends, and one of them is in trouble, another female seems to come to their aid."

She said "Yeah. That's called girl code."

I said "There is also a guy code, but it is all about who is the manliest. It certainly doesn't involve us helping out other males when they are weak. I think girl code is better."

The average adult male has one friend.

The average adult female has five.

Women are social whereas men are isolated and competitive.

This was not wired into our chromosomes.

This is what happens when we allow culture to dictate gender roles.

So fuck compliance, but what about the other C-words women seem to embrace, compassion, community, camaraderie, caring, connection?

These words are not synonymous with being male.

If males practice caring and connection with other males they are considered weak.

Men cannot talk intimately with each other.

Everything is a joke, a form of one-upsmanship.

Everything must be conquered.

A man listens to another man's story and then seeks to tell one that makes the first man's story sound minuscule.

The world is nothing more than a constant pissing contest for men.

Every woman is privately objectified as the only safe male camaraderie is when it is interlaced with competition.

If we are on a team to defeat the enemy then we are allowed to show connection to other men.

So in an attempt for males to be able to bond with each other, they treat women as the enemy and something to be defeated...conquered.

If a man can assure another man that he will fuck any female that draws breath then and only then does he qualify for the tiniest of male affections, because then he is safe.

Men live their entire lives competing and now, as we are finally working towards uplifting our women towards equality, we have simultaneously duped them into thinking power means to be like a man?!

Perhaps women were more evolved all along.

They aren't the ones doing the raping and the murdering.

Perhaps we should start teaching our boys the core values that we encourage in our girls, instead of telling women to be more competitive.

Ten thousand years of male dominance has brought us to this.

Perhaps it is time to try sometime else.

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