Sunday, May 4, 2014

David Ladue Voted Most Like to Be a Minnesota School Shooter

I've processing the near-miss school shooting in Minnesota.

For those of you who didn't see the story a 17 year old honor roll student had planned to kill his family with a rifle, set a diversionary fire (to pull police away from his school) then drive to the school and while THE ENTIRE SCHOOL was having lunch, detonate several pressure cooker bombs, killing every person in the cafeteria and waiting outside the lunch room exit, murdering those who escaped the bombs as they came out.

His plan was solid and he had the artillery.

Nine guns and 7 finished bombs (he was working on more when the police caught him).

He had been working on his plan for 10 months.

He had written a 150 page manifesto about it.

He was not bullied.

He was well-liked.

So what gives?

I am tired of people saying "mental illness".

What does that even mean?

Isn't that just the way we describe things that make no sense to us?

The principal said "These events are the canary in the coal mine." meaning that there were the symptom of a much bigger problem in our culture.

This just doesn't happen in other countries.

And when it HAS happened, the country's governments have reacted with extreme measures to keep it from reoccurring.

So how is it that we have this happen so many times in America that we barely bat an eye?

What is wrong with our culture?

Why are these kids always male?

Why are they always white?

Why do they always come from middle class or suburban families?

Why aren't poor kids the ones doing the mass shootings?

Why do the predominance of these shootings seem to happen in blue states?

If it were YOUR kid, would you have known what he was about to do?

He was into heavy metal.

So fucking what?

He liked horror movies.

Who the fuck doesn't?

He was said to love violent video games.

Like every kid in America.

He hunted and killed animals.


He idolized Eric Harris and Dillon Tibold (the Columbine killers).


People knew this and they didn't see this coming?!?!

Who the fuck idolizes school shooters?!

He wanted to do the shooting on 4/20, not in celebration of marijuana, like a normal teenager, but in celebration of the anniversary of the Columbine massacre.

But he couldn't, because 4/20 was Easter Sunday and school was not in session.

So he decided to make more bombs and do it in May.

And then he fucked up and got busted.

He said that he was going to kill people until the swat team killed him.

But now he is in custody and he seems to like talking.

So maybe we can learn about what goes on in the mind of a spree killer.

I really want to know.

I want to know why this happens so we can prevent it from ever happening again.

I want to know why this happens in America all the time, and doesn't happen other places.

Oh and one more thing.

They are trying him as a minor, which means he will be free when he is 21.

I am outraged by this.

If they try him as an adult he will be free at age 35.

Still too soon.

The guy was going to kill 600 children!!!!

He tested his bombs on the elementary school playground!!!!

Seriously just kill this prick.

But study him first.

Find out why this happens.

Then put a bullet in his head.

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