Thursday, February 6, 2014


Through the use of simple, already existing technology we can all but wipe out the problem of gun violence in our great country.

With just a few simple laws passed all guns can be equipped with this amazing new technology and older guns can be retro-fitted.

This is nano-technology and can fit easily into the handle of ANY gun.

These proposals simultaneously protect YOUR safety and YOUR Second Amendment Rights.

Here are the proposals.

1) Guns can only be fired by their owner.


A wristband is worn which uses a microchip to "unlock" the gun so it can be fired ONLY by the person wearing the wristband.

If you want your entire family to be able to fire the same gun then simply have each member wear a wristband synced to your gun.

In the event of a mass-shooting the gun could be remotely locked to prevent further loss of life.

2) Guns contain a GPS.

Isn't it a good idea that we know where our guns are at all times?

Combining solutions 1 and 2 we know WHO fired the gun and WHERE.

Not a problem for a law abiding citizen at a firing range or out hunting.

Only a problem for murderous thugs.

American citizens win!!

3) Guns are equipped with a small camera under the barrel that begins recording when the safety is off.

Now police have access to EXACTLY what the shooter was seeing when the gun was fired.

This should clear up any debates over self-defense cases.

These are three simple solutions that would make life easier for responsible gun owners and make life extremely difficult for people wanting to use guns to harm innocent citizens.

As with all advances in technology there would be a black market for guns that have been disabled of this Thug-Proof Technology.

Anyone caught with guns that have been altered would face severe penalties.

Now please, shoot holes in my plan. <----see what I did there?

If you cannot find fault with it then SHARE this idea and let's raise awareness so we can all PROTECT The Second Amendment to the Constitution of The United States of America without the constant threat to American citizens by lawless thugs who give guns a bad name.

Thank you.

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